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Review: 50-Plant Garden Tower 2 – What’s All The Hype?

Review: Garden Tower 2: 50-Plant Composting Vertical Garden Planter Product Name: Garden Tower 2: 50-Plant Composting Vertical Garden Planter Price: $359.00 Cheapest Place to Buy: Garden Tower Project Size of Container: 43″ tall by 24.5″ wide; 36 lbs (around 220 lbs. with soil) Guarantee: 5 year manufacturer’s warranty against defective parts My Rating: 4.9 out […]

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Review: Earth’s Ally Insect Control/ Bee Safe & Effective?

Earth’s Ally Insect Control – Is It Really Bee Safe and Effective?? Product Name: Earth’s Ally Insect Control Price: Amazon – 18.69 Ready to Use: 39.98 Concentrate 32 oz. Cheapest Place to Buy: Lowes: Ready to Use – 9.98; Concentrate 32 oz. – 30.65 Size of Container: Spray Bottle – 24 oz.:  Concentrate 32 oz […]

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Helper Bees In The Garden – Calling All Bees!!

  Our world can not function without bees. It is estimated by the United States Department of Agriculture that bees and butterflies pollinate 75% of flowering plants and 35% of the world’s food crops. This post will focus on the helper bees, including bumble bees and honey bees. I will explain the differences between bees;  […]

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Review: Miracle Gro Water Storing Crystals

Miracle Gro Water Storing Crystals – Is It Really That Good??? Product: Miracle Gro Water Storing Crystals Price: $7.99 – $11.69 Cheapest Place to Buy: Tru Value (if shipped to store) Size of Container: 12 oz Guarantee: no guarantee My Rating: 4.9 out of 5 Review: Water Storing Crystals – Time To Put The Hose […]


Gorgeous Garden Window Boxes – Added Beauty

Many people dream of having window boxes filled with beautiful, overflowing flowers that cascade to the ground. Window boxes add charm and grace to any home or building. I love traveling through European towns and experiencing the elegance of the buildings sprinkled with gorgeous flowers. In this post you will learn how to create the […]


Beautiful Shade Garden Ideas – Think Texture and Color

Many people think shade gardens are dull and boring. I definitely do not agree. Shade gardens can be your secret garden and special spot. A place where you can spend time under the canopy of cooling trees having a glass of lemonade or crisp white wine. Created with thought, shade gardens can set the mood […]


Flowering Bushes That Bloom All Summer – Things to Consider

Shrubs add another dimension to your garden. They not only enhance and complement what you already have, but they add form, beauty, interest, and everlasting color throughout the summer. Another plus is that bushes will continue to grow year in and year out. With just a little care, you could have flowering bushes that bloom […]

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