Very Small Garden Ideas – Bigger is NOT Always Better!

If you are one of the fortunate ones who have a very small yard, hooray for you! Many people think they need a huge area to create a lavish garden, but that isn’t true. Small yards can be turned into a welcoming, tranquil area. All it takes is a little vision and some basic knowledge. […]


Unique Garden Ideas – How To Decorate A Garden

Decorations are to gardens as ornaments are to a Christmas tree. They give it life, uniqueness, a theme and character. By embellishing your garden with unusual trinkets, you add another dimension to the area. Garden ornaments can dictate the feel and use of your garden. They can make it feel whimsical or mysterious, and always […]


How To Decorate A Balcony – Tips For Beginners

Everyone is looking for their own outdoor space. Calm and serenity settles in when you’re sitting on a balcony overlooking a beautiful vista. But what if you don’t have a beautiful vista? Here are some ways to spruce up a balcony and make it your perfect hideaway oasis. Learn how to decorate a balcony using […]

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Review: Upgraded Big Powered Automatic Drip Irrigation Kit

 Powered Automatic Drip Irrigation Kit/ Is It Worth It? (Upgraded Pump) Big Powered Automatic Drip Irrigation Kit Price: $46.99 to $73.06 Cheapest Place to Buy: Check Amazon (prices may vary) Size of Container: 8.7 x 6.85 x 3.7 inches Guarantee: could not find guarantee but customers have said the product is backed by the manufacturer My […]


How To Care For Indoor Plants – A Little Goes a Long Way

Indoor plants bring such joy. There is something about nature inside your home that makes you feel serene and healthy at the same time. Caring for the plants is also very therapeutic. In my last post I explained some things you need to know as a beginner gardener about household plants, including plants to avoid […]


All About Indoor Plants – Info for Beginners and Pet Lovers

Due to Covid many of us have had to work from home these past 18 months. We tried to cope as best we could through the isolation, devastation, helplessness, and inactivity. A couple of ways we managed to stay sane during these trying times was to become more nurturing through adopting animals and plants. Both […]

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