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How to Grow Basil Plants – An International Herb

It’s summertime! Your vegetables are growing large and strong, the tomatoes are ripening, and your mouth is watering thinking of all the delicious flavors you’ll soon be tasting. What better way to enhance the natural savoriness of these vegetables than by adding home grown basil? Learn how to grow basil plants and share some favorite […]

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Beneficial Garden Insects – How To Attract Them

Not many people like bugs. However, given that there are more than 900,000 different kinds of insects that have been previously named in the world, we definitely need to learn to live with them. In addition to those named, scientists estimate that unknown species could number up to 30 million! (Smithsonian) So how do we […]


Low Maintenance Flower Garden – Sustainable and Beneficial

Everyone enjoys a beautiful garden. When you enter one, your blood pressure decreases, your senses are heightened by the intoxicating smells and sights, and you immediately feel calm and tranquil. If you haven’t already considered gardening, maybe you should. Studies show gardening improves your physical strength, can reduce weight, can increase your heart health and […]


Flower Gardening Tips – Maintenance in Mid-Summer

Mid-summer is a wonderful time of year to continue reaping benefits from your flower garden. However, most gardens begin to look a little dingy and spent by mid-July. The long growing season, sun, lack of water (or too much water) has taken a toll on your beautiful oasis. Here are some essential flower gardening tips […]

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Wealthy Affiliate Objective Review – An Unbiased Member

Review: Wealthy Affiliate From An Unbiased User Product Name: Wealthy Affiliate Price: Premium member $49/month; $495/year Cheapest membership: Beginner Package: $0 for 1 website, 7 days limited support, Level 1 Core Training Guarantee: You can cancel at any time; There are no monetary guarantees My Rating: 4.3 out of 5 Wealthy Affiliate Overview Wealthy Affiliate […]


African Violet Plant – How to Grow An African Violet

An African violet plant is a beautiful addition to your indoor space. They add a variety of color, interest, and a bit of exotic uniqueness to a collection of flowers. The violets originated in the eastern tropical areas of Africa, namely Tanzania and Kenya, and thrive in rainforests. They resemble violets but are not really in […]

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