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August 2021

Outdoor Fountains – A Review of 4 Water Fountains

Have you ever wondered why being around a body of water or just listening to the trickling sound of aD&F Gardenfans Fountain babbling brook makes you feel calm and relaxed? There is a biological explanation. Water is so calming because it triggers a deep immediate response in our brains. “The

How to Grow Oregano – An International Herb

Ahhh oregano! What a delightful aroma. Some say it has a camphoraceous odor, others a very pungent scent with spicy undertones. I am not familiar with a camphoraceous odor, therefore I lean more towards a very pungent aroma with a hint ofGreek Oregano mint. So how do you use oregano? And how do you raise it? Oregano has been added to dishes

What is a Spotted Lanternfly – What To Do About Them?

As I was leaving a restaurant the other day, I finally saw my first spotted lanternfly. Actually I couldn’t avoid it because it hopped right into my face! I had heard so much about them and was warned to kill them on sight, but I started wondering, what is a spotted lantern fly? Is it as destructive as predicted by horticulturists, and, if so, what can we do about them?

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