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Best Way To Grow Rosemary – An International Herb

Whenever I think of rosemary I think of my mom’s special pork loin recipe. She had a knack for making the best roast pork on a rotisserie. I can still smell the aroma of the pork wafting from the open charcoal grill during the course of the day. I couldn’t wait until dinnertime! Now that […]


Fall Flower Gardens – After the Summer Cleanup

Alas! The hot, muggy, dog days of summer are slowly coming to an end. And what better way to celebrate the end of summer than by welcoming Autumn? It’s time to rip out the old and bring in the new! Fall flower gardens are lovely, especially after the summer cleanup. Let’s begin recreating your outdoor […]

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How to Grow Tarragon – An International Herb

I have used tarragon for all my adult life. The aroma is wonderful and it adds a specific sweet flavor to your favorite dishes. I especially like adding tarragon to chicken soup. One can describe it’s aroma as almost licorice-like, similar to anise. Read on to learn how to grow a tarragon plant and see […]

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Outdoor Fountains – A Review of 4 Water Fountains

Why We Need the Sound of Water Have you ever wondered why being around a body of water or just listening to the trickling sound of a babbling brook makes you feel calm and relaxed? There is a biological explanation. Water is so calming because it triggers a deep immediate response in our brains. “The mere […]

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How to Grow Oregano – An International Herb

Ahhh oregano! What a delightful aroma. Some say it has a camphoraceous odor, others a very pungent scent with spicy undertones. I am not familiar with a camphoraceous odor, therefore I lean more towards a very pungent aroma with a hint of mint. So how do you use oregano?  And how do you raise it? […]

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What is a Spotted Lanternfly – What To Do About Them?

As I was leaving a restaurant the other day, I finally saw my first spotted lanternfly. Actually I couldn’t avoid it because it hopped right into my face! I had heard so much about them and was warned to kill them on sight, but I started wondering, what is a spotted lantern fly? Is it […]

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