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How to Grow Ginger Root – An International Herb

One staple of Asian culinary dishes is ginger. It is widely used in southeast Asia in countries such as China, South Vietnam, South Korea, India, Taiwan, and even as far east as Japan. It originated in Maritime Southeast Asia and was then domesticated and transported throughout the Indo-Pacific region. Ginger was one of the first […]


What Is A Rhizome? Is It a Root, Stem, Leaf?

You have this lovely area in your backyard and you want to plant a garden. You’ve been exploring various flowers and shrubs that pique your interest. Then you come across some technical terms like “rhizomes”. What is a rhizome, you wonder? Here is a full explantation of what a rhizome is, including how to identify […]


Early Spring Blooming Perennials – 8 Early Risers

Nothing is a more sure sign that spring is just around the corner than  observing snowdrops in the snow or tiny yellow and purple crocuses popping their heads through the ground. These types of flowers originate from bulbs. But what about other perennials? Learn about some early spring blooming perennials and see how and when […]

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Different Types of Mint – How to Grow Them in A Garden

Mint, from the Mentha genus, is an easy plant to grow both outdoors in the garden and indoors in pots. It is a fast growing aromatic plant. As long as you supply it with good, well-drained soil and sufficient light, you shouldn’t have any problem growing this herb. There are many varieties of mint which […]

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How to Grow Mint Indoors – A Versatile Herb

Mint originated in the Mediterranean region. It gradually spread to England and then America. It is now grown throughout Eurasia, Australia, North America, and southern Africa. The United States produces 70% of the world’s spearmint and peppermint in states such as Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Indiana, California and Wisconsin. There are over 600 varieties of mint. […]

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Squirrel Resistant Bird Feeders – 5 Reviews

If you live in the northeastern part of the United States like I do, I’m sure you’ve experienced feeding not only the birds at your bird feeder but also squirrels. I get it, squirrels need to eat. However, when the squirrels scare away beautiful winter birds and spill most of my seed onto the ground, […]

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