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How Late Can You Plant Spring Bulbs in the Fall?

There’s nothing more exciting, at least for a gardener, than to see the first push of life pop up from a cold, desolate landscape. It brings the promise of spring with warmer temperatures and longer hours of sunshine. You too can experience this little jolt of excitement by preparing your yard now. It is that […]


How to Decorate a Window Box for the Fall

I love window boxes. They add charm and interest to any house. In the fall when the summer blossoms begin to fade, the boxes begin to lose their beauty. Though, no need to fret! You can easily recreate your window box into a lovely fall display using clippings from your own yard. If you do […]


Is Chrysantheumum Tea Really Good for Your Health?

Drinking tea is very much in vogue. Tea is second only to water, world wide, as the most preferred beverage. Three billion cups of tea are drunk daily, with black tea being the most popular. There are many health benefits to drinking tea. According to Penn Medicine, “numerous studies have shown that a variety of teas may […]

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Preparing Plants To Come Indoors For Winter – Easy Peasy

It’s the time of year to start preparing your plants to come indoors for winter. When the low temperatures consistently reach 50 degrees F (generally during late September, early October), you need to bring them inside to acclimate them to your inside environment before you turn on the heat. In order to ease the transition, […]

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