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Nina's Serene Tiered Fountain

Review: Kenroy Home Serene Tiered Fountain – For Small Areas

I have only owned two fountains in my lifetime. Both were in my latest home of 5 years. I used to have almost 2 acres of property, now I am down to an approximately 30 x 30 square foot patio! The patio is edged with a 3 foot flower garden and a third of the area is covered with a pergola upon which I hang baskets full of flowers, bird feeders, and wind chimes. I also wanted the calming sound of a fountain that would fit in a small garden.

Bee Pollination

May 20 is World Bee Day – It Should Bee Everyday!

In 2017 the United Nations designated May 20 as World Bee Day to celebrate bees and raise awareness of the importance of bees, the plight of pollinators, and how they can influence sustainable agricultural practices. Our first observance of World Bee Day was celebrated May 20, 2018. Why May 20th? Because it was the birthdate of Anton Jansa, a pioneer in beekeeping. Born in present day Slovenia,

What is a Super Bloom? – A Silver Lining

If you haven’t already seen images of these remarkable vistas in California and Arizona, then you are missing out on nature in all its glory. These rolling fields of poppies and wildflowers take your breath away. In fact, tourism has blossomed with the explosion of these flowers! Many people from all around the country are experiencing this spectacular event through personally visiting the sites or viewing them on the news or through videos.

How to Care for Hydrangeas – The Basics

Hydrangeas are your typical old-fashioned garden flower. You see them in cottage gardens, native gardens, low maintenance sustainable gardens, and shade gardens. They can be used as specimens, a hedge, or just a cluster in an area dappled with sunlight. Most varieties bloom throughout the summer and well into the fall. Their gorgeous blossoms add a distinct wow power to any cut bouquet and,

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