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Yes, garlic is a vegetable, not an herb or spice. It is commonly used in a variety of dishes throughout the world. In addition to being a culinary delight, it
If you grew up in an Italian family like I did, garlic was always around. It could be found, waiting to be cooked, hanging in clumps over the sink, in
One staple of Asian culinary dishes is ginger. It is widely used in southeast Asia in countries such as China, South Vietnam, South Korea, India, Taiwan, and even as far
Mint, from the Mentha genus, is an easy plant to grow both outdoors in the garden and indoors in pots. It is a fast growing aromatic plant. As long as
Mint originated in the Mediterranean region. It gradually spread to England and then America. It is now grown throughout Eurasia, Australia, North America, and southern Africa. The United States produces
Parsley is widely used throughout the world. It is native to the central and eastern Mediterranean. The herb is used in European, Middle Eastern and American cuisines. It is rich

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