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When I was younger I would watch Monarch butterflies float gracefully from flower to flower in my backyard. It was an every day occurence in the summer. Sadly, it is
Spotted Lanternfly Nymph Stage
So, last year I was vigilantly tracking, capturing, and killing spotted lanternflies. I was quite proud of myself because none of my plants, shrubs, or trees were overtaken by them.
Venus Flytrap Pixabay
Bugs! Not many people enjoy sharing their space with insects. Insects have a habit of presenting themselves at the most inopportune times, while resting in your garden after a long
Hardy chrysanthemums are just what their name implies, very hardy and vigorous plants. They rarely get diseases or pests. However, if not treated well, they can succomb to fungal or
As I was leaving a restaurant the other day, I finally saw my first spotted lanternfly. Actually I couldn’t avoid it because it hopped right into my face! I had
Not many people like bugs. However, given that there are more than 900,000 different kinds of insects that have been previously named in the world, we definitely need to learn

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