How to Save Our Soil – A Global Problem (Part 2)

As was noted in Part 1 of this series, soil degredation has become increasingly prevalent throughout the world. Studies show that if nothing is done to improve conditions and incorporate better practices, we will lose our topsoil within the next 60 years. Good topsoil has astounding benefits. It not only adds nutrients, including vitamins and […]


Topsoil – On the Verge of Extinction (Part 1)

I recently read an article in a Time Magazine regarding soil. I was taken aback! As a gardener, I think I always took soil for granted, thinking it would always be there. All you had to do to make it better was amend it with some organic matter and voila! It becomes fertile and reusable […]

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How to Grow Asters – A Fall Beauty

When summer is winding down and the beauty of your summer blossoms starts to fade, Asters appear in all their glory. These daisy-like flowers begin blooming when the days become shorter and temperatures begin to dip. They, along with Chrysanthemums, are usually put on display with other fall ornaments such as pumpkins and gourds. You […]


How to Care For a Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant

They were all the craze, those Fiddle Leaf plants. But for the last year or so their popularity has waned and they have been replaced by some new and improved plant. However, they haven’t with me or with my son! We both recently bought a Fiddle Leaf. I bought one for my daughter as a […]

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Plants For Year Round Appeal – Tips for Curb Appeal

It may not feel like it but according to the calender, the summer season is slowly winding down. Now is the time to give some thought to recreating your front yard into a beautiful setting with lovely curb appeal. Whether it’s to put your house on the market or to create that memorable first impression, […]

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How to Keep Outdoor Plants Watered While on Vacation

You’ve spent hours and perhaps significant sums creating the garden of your dreams. Hanging baskets, window boxes, and large and small containers abound in your beautiful oasis. But like mostly everyone in the summer, you enjoy taking a break from home and go on vacation for a few days or more. So how do you […]

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Help Save Butterflies – Where Have All The Monarchs Gone?

When I was younger I would watch Monarch butterflies float gracefully from flower to flower in my backyard. It was an every day occurence in the summer. Sadly, it is now only the very rare occassion when I spot one of these beauties, let alone more than one! Because their numbers are diminishing at a […]

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How to Care for Anthurium – Both Inside and Outside

You probably know it as the Flamingo Flower, Laceleaf, Tailflower, or Painter’s Pallette. Actually, its true name is Anthurium. Its name comes from the Greek words anthos and oura, meaning flower and tail respectively. The tail refers to the spadix of the plant protruding from the center of the “flower”. Regardless of what you call […]


How to Care for Bird of Paradise Plants – Many Varieties

Bird of Paradise plants add a lovely island feel to any garden. They can be grown as a specimen plant both inside and out. If you grow the plant outside, you will have continuous blossoms throughout the heat of the summer. However, if you choose to grow the Bird of Paradise as an indoor plant, […]


Plants That Transport You To The Tropics

I am now listening to the “Laid Back Beach Music” station on Pandora featuring Bob Marley, and it’s immediately transporting me back to the tropics. The January before lockdown, my husband and I were fortunate enough to fit in a vacation to Antigua. I was overwhelmed by the beautiful surroundings full of lush palm trees […]

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